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Healthy & Luxury Dog Treats

  • Healthy Selection - Our dog treats can help with various common health problems in dogs including food intolerances and allergies, dental problems etc.
  • Extra High Fresh Poultry & Fish Dog Treats - We provide premium quality Natural, Hypoallergenic and Grain Free 80% meat Poultry and Fish dog treats and snacks.
  • Specially Formulated With Leading Nutritionists - Our Natural, Hypoallergenic and Grain Free healthy dog treats and snacks are produced alongside Europe's leading nutritionists and are made with human grade quality poultry and fish only and contain no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, to help your dog live a happier, healthier and longer life.
  • Suitable For All Breeds - Our high quality dog treats can suit all breeds.
  • Strict Quality Control - Made to extremely high standards for the best quality dog treats.
  • 100% British Product - British Made with ingredients supplied from within the UK only for your peace of mind.