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Copy of Free Dog Food Samples

We currently have the following free cat food samples listed below.

Any new available samples will be listed here in future.


Free dog food samples - Harrier Pro Pet


* Please note that cat food samples are best suited to cats that are picky eaters or have poor appetites.

Otherwise for cats with health conditions, we strongly advise that a larger bag is purchased and used on a regular basis in order to determine how our cat food can help your cat's health condition.

For best results, our food should be used as often as possible during this period, which means treats which are seen as unhealthy or inappropriate should be avoided.

We are pleased to state that our cat food has been very effective in helping many cats health conditions in the past. 


Free Samples

Free cat food samples are available for customers throughout the UK.


Hypoallergenic dog food sample - Harrier Pro Pet



Terms & Conditions - Please Read

  • Simply contribute towards the delivery and packaging of any of our free cat food samples and we can deliver them to you from just £1.75. 
  • If you were happy with your sample/s and decide to place your 1st pet food order from the corresponding sample/s, we will REFUND you up to £3.50 back onto your card on your 2nd order, providing you leave a quick review (can take as little as a minute) of your sample/s via Google and/or our website.  Your reviews/support is very important to us and allows us to continue giving you the best products at the lowest prices.
  • As soon as we receive confirmation that a review has been left by you, we will be willingly to refund you the corresponding amount on your next pet food order.
  • Due to the nature of offers changing etc, 'Money Back Offers' are only valid up to 3 calender months from the date the sample order was placed and are only valid for the specific samples ordered.


Admin and Delivery Contribution Money Back Amount
Small (On Promo) * - £1.75 £1.75
Small * - £1.99 £2.00
Medium (On Promo) - £1.99 £2.00
Medium - £2.49 £2.50
Large (On Promo) £2.49 £2.50
Large - £2.99 £3.00
Extra Large (On Promo) ** - £2.75 £2.75
Extra Large ** - £3.49 £3.50


As we are only a small, growing business and have to pay for our healthy, ultra premium quality samples, we are prepared to let you try them for free but unfortunately we cannot also take care of the delivery, packaging and admin charges (which can be worth up to £6.50 alone). Your small contribution can continue to allow our samples to be free and can help us to keep our pet food prices as low as possible, so please help us so we can help you and others.


How to use samples effectively - Please bear in mind when trying out a new food, it's best to make a gradual transition due to any unforeseen allergies and intolerances, exposure to unfamiliar ingredients or ingredients which may be deemed too rich initially etc. It also takes time for the digestive enzymes and microflora to adjust. This gradual transition will help to avoid digestive upset or tummy trouble. This transition should ideally last around 7 days. To use your samples effectively, you could start off with 10% of our food, mixed in with 90% of the current food for 2 days, then go up to 20% of our food with the remainder consisting of the current food for another 2 days, then possibly using 50% of our food and 50% of the current food for another 2 days before finally using 100% of our food on day 7. 


⭐ Look out for our samples on special offer. Offers changing regularly.



Full tracking service included throughout any courier deliveries of your samples, where applicable, subject to amount of samples ordered.

You can expect to receive your samples within 1-21 days but this may take longer depending on sample stock levels. Please note that periods during public holidays, weekends and bad weather may alter the expected arrival of your sample.


Contact us for large sample orders

If you would like more than 2 samples, please contact us for more details to discuss your requirements.


Select your sample

To order a cat food sample of any of the following products, please CLICK on the highlighted product/s below and place the sample order just like you would if ordering your pet food;


Dog 🐶

Gourmet Grain Free Samples

Containing fresh human grade quality meat to help create the biggest of appetites.


Containing fresh human grade quality fish that can tempt the pickiest of eaters.


A delicious senior dog food, ensuring the best health for the older dog.


With generous amounts of fresh haddock, to help your dog enjoy meal times again. 


A delicious alternative for dogs with allergies to chicken and beef recipes. 


A perfectly balanced recipe for fantastic health benefits.


Containing fresh human grade quality chicken to stir up the biggest of appetites.


With healthy fresh fish, to ensure the weight drops off steadily.


With fresh Venison, a novel protein source, meaning less allergies and intolerances, compared to chicken or beef.


Made with fresh Duck as a mouth watering alternative to chicken.


With delicious fresh fish, for fantastic health at a low price.


With generous amounts of vital, fresh animal protein and fresh whole foods for the best start in life and VET Approved for your peace of mind.


Formulated with fresh chicken, fresh whole foods and tasty herbs for optimum health at an affordable price.


Made with our fresh scrumptious Salmon, healthy Sweet Potato and vegetables for a head start in life, while being VET Approved.


Formulated with our mouth watering fresh pork and apple, to create the biggest of appetites, for an excellent alternative to chicken. 


A delicious large breed dog food with fresh turkey and whole foods for an excellent purchase, ideal for the larger dog's nutritional requirements. 



 Hypoallergenic Premium Samples


Excellent health benefits at a great price.


 A popular recipe for the smaller dog, low in fat and the perfect food for Colitis and Pancreatitis symptoms. 


An every day favourite at a fantastic price to suit every budget.


With our delicious Salmon for the pickiest of eaters. 


With Lamb, a novel protein source, meaning less susceptibility to intolerances and allergies.


A delicious low priced grain free dog food.


For the best start in life at an affordable price. 


With our scrumptious Salmon, ideal for dogs preferring a small kibble.


Fantastic health benefits for the older dog. Low in fat and great as a weight loss food and helpful for symptoms of Colitis and Pancreatitis.


With our delicious Salmon, making it a winner for larger puppies.