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Dry Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Benefits of our 

Dry Hypoallergenic Dog Food


Our dry hypoallergenic dog food includes pet food for all breeds and ages at prices to suit all budgets. 

  • Sensitive Digestion - Can help with Allergies & Intolerances.
  • Colitis - Easy to digest and low in fat.
  • Diabetic DogsNo sugar. Low Fat. Well balanced with premium quality, healthier ingredients.
  • Pancreatitis - Easy to digest and low in fat.
  • Stool Odour - Contains Yucca Schidigera Extract which may help to reduce stool odour.
  • Joint Health - With Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM to help maintain joint health and mobility.
  • Hyperactive DogsNo sugar, cereals or grains to help prevent blood sugar peaks.
  • Underweight Dogs - Easy to digest and extremely appetising.
  • Skin Conditions - May help with Itchy, Flaky, Irritated skin.
  • Healthy Digestion - With Pre-biotic MOS (mannanoligosaccharides) & FOS (fructo-oligosaccharides) which may help to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion.
  • Pregnant & Lactating DogsHighly Digestible and energy dense. Ideal to meet the added nutritional requirements.
  • Picky Eaters & Poor Appetites - Cooked to perfection. Easy to digest and extremely appetising.
  • Overweight Dogs - Formulated with lower fat levels and calories to aid weight loss. No sugar. 
  • Heart & Thyroid HealthContains Seaweed which is thought to benefit dogs by supporting thyroid health, heart health, coat condition and improved digestion. 


Additional Information  

      • Well Balanced & Complete - With added vitamins and minerals for excellent all round good health.
      • Natural - No artificial additives, preservatives, flavours or colours for natural goodness.
      • Healthy Choice - No added sugar, sweeteners or salt.
      • Strict Quality Control - Made to extremely high standards for the best quality dog food.
      • 100% British Product - British Made with ingredients supplied from within the UK only for your peace of mind.