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Benefits of Dry Kibble Food 💚

Dry kibble food has many nutritional benefits and is practical, convenient and affordable for all budgets. Our dry kibble food can help many health conditions including Colitis, Pancreatitis, Diabetes and more. The dry pet food, which is also known as kibble food, is very popular and is fed to a wide range of dogs and cats across the world, on a regular basis.


Well Balanced & Complete

The average commercial dry kibble food can include the nutrients a healthy dog or cat needs such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibres, vitamins and minerals. A healthy cat or dog can be fine on dry kibble food alone, providing the product is of a premium quality and well balanced for your particular pet's requirements and life stage.


Extensive Range

Our wide range of pet food contains many different formulas for dogs and cats of all breeds, life stages and health conditions. By choosing the suitable food type, they shouldn't need any other dietary supplements. It's important to know that the dry kibble pet food usually contains between 5 to 12 percent moisture, which is not enough to keep your pet hydrated, so you will need to ensure that fresh water is available at all times.

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Senior Dog & Cat Food

If your pet is a senior, we have senior kibble formulas which have been specially formulated to help with many of the common health problems associated with senior pets. Occasionally though, some additional supplements may be needed. 

View our specially formulated and effective, beneficial and affordable Senior Dog Food.

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Better Dental Health

Dry kibble food is excellent at removing plaque and this is important for your pet's oral health. Dogs and cats need their teeth cleaned on a daily basis, but this may not always be possible, which can result in plaque build up. Plaque can calcify within less than 3 days. Calculus deposits cannot be removed and may be the beginning of more complicated dental health problems.


Benefits of dry kibble food - Harrier Pro Pet


Special Formulation

The majority of our dry kibble food have an abrasive surface, which can help to remove the existing plaque on your pet's teeth. If your pet eats dry pet food daily, the plaque will have more chance of being regularly removed, so there is less chance of tartar forming. Wet food doesn't have this benefit. 


Helps A Common Health Problem

Dental problems are very common in pets, hence the benefits of dry kibble food.

It has been known that some dogs can become soo agitated by their dental problems, that eventually they may even bite or attack their owner, hence the importance of keeping your pet's teeth clean.

Unlike a child, who has the ability to tell you of their dental problems, your pet cannot so it's very important to keep on top of their dental health.

Our dry kibbles have been specially formulated to provide excellent protection against dental problems.


Practical Choice & Long Lasting

Dry kibble food is a practical choice, as it is available in large bags that can be kept for a long period of time. 

Dry pet food is easy to store; a large plastic bin with a tight lid is usually enough to keep the food fresh and safe from insects, rodents and pets.

Another plus point is that once the food is placed in the bowl, it can stay there for over 24 hours without going bad.

Wet food can oxidize and lose its nutritional value after only a short period of time of staying outside. You should also never leave any wet food in your pet’s bowl for more than an hour or two. Unlike dry kibble, wet foods exposed to the environment can easily grow bacteria, and quickly become contaminated.




Dry kibble food can be put in water if your pet requires a more liquid diet for a limited amount of time.


More Hygienic And Safe

Another benefit that dry pet food is praised for, is the fact that it does not attract pests such as flies, unlike wet food. Flies are attracted to the moisture in wet food as well as the excess sugars and additives present. 


Most Economically Priced 

The price of dry kibble food is much lower than the price of the similar amount of cans of wet food for pets. Wet food can contain up to 70% water. Many people believe that dry kibble food is the most economical way of feeding your pet and when you find, and stick with a high quality product, you really can have the best of both worlds.


Affordable Products

We have exceptionally low priced dry dog and cat food that are both Hypoallergenic (without the most common food allergens to help prevent common health and digestive problems) and natural (no added artificial additives, preservatives, colours or flavours) while having many health benefits too.

For the perfect compromise between great value and good health, please view our following dog and cat food ranges;


For pet owners who find that their pet can be particularly picky with their food or have poor appetites, we have a range suitable for dogs and cats that is made with fresh meat or fish, which has been proven to be very popular in stirring up a bigger appetite, while having extra health benefits.

The range is Vet Approved and excellent for digestive sensitivities and is very gentle on the digestion for the most sensitive of pets. Please view the following ranges to find out more;


With the increasing trend for grain free and high fresh meat/fish content in pet food, we have a fantastic range that fulfils both these requirements. The range can also be classed as a pet food containing minimal and natural ingredients to help further avoid food related health issues. The majority of the meat/fish is also of human grade standard, which further satisfies the needs of today's pet owners and their higher expectations.


Poorer Quality From The Big Manufacturers

Unfortunately for pet owners who choose to buy their pet food from the most popular, commercial pet food manufacturers, pet food containing fresh meat/fish, is virtually unheard of, due to the huge amounts of money they spend on advertising costs, marketing companies, fancy packaging and the large profits they seek, leading to poorer quality ingredients being used, meaning many pet owners end up with sub-standard products while paying premium prices.

The following range for dogs and cats is Vet Approved and great value considering the generous amount of fresh meat used. Both dogs and cats find the extra meat contained within this range hard to resist. This again is excellent for increasing appetite and is superb for the pickiest of eaters and the poorest of appetites while also having many excellent health benefits. Please view the following ranges for more information;