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Health Benefits For Cat Conditions 🐱

*Please note that when helping your pet with health conditions, we strongly advise that a large enough bag is purchased and used on a regular basis in order to determine how our pet food can help your pet's health condition.

If your pet is known as a picky eater or suffers from having a poor appetite, then we highly recommend that you try our samples before purchasing a large bag.

We are pleased to state that our pet food has been very effective in helping many dogs and cats health conditions in the past.



Great For A Sensitive Digestion, Food Allergies & Intolerances

The most common ingredients that can cause pet food allergies and intolerances are wheat, beef, soya and dairy, so feeding a diet by avoiding these ingredients would be recommended.

Cats 🐱

All our Gourmet Grain Free, Hypoallergenic Premium and Natural & Hypoallergenic ranges are excellent for digestive issues, while containing none of the above mentioned ingredients.

* Many of our products are good with digestive sensitivities although we advise you to be aware of your dog or cat's intolerances and allergies before coming to a decision on what to buy.



Helpful Diets For Hairball Management

Cats 🐱

Cats spend most of their time grooming themselves, meaning most of the debris and loose hair in their fur is naturally swallowed. Their digestive tract is built to handle the digestion of fur, and to expel it with the waste. Some cats with robust digestive systems may never experience a hairball, though most cats will have at least one in their life.

Species with longer hair, older cats and those with weakened digestive systems may experience hairballs more often.

If a cat has more than one hairball per month, it may have a hairball problem that can be helped with a suitable cat food.

A cat food with a good, high quality supply of vegetable fibre, can help the stomach digest its contents and move waste through the intestines more efficiently.

Our Gourmet Grain Free range contains high quality vegetable fibre from fresh whole vegetables including sweet potato, which has numerous health benefits and help to promote regular bowel movements, leading to less build up of future hairballs.



Helpful Diets For Diabetic Cats

Cats 🐱

The Natural & Hypoallergenic range is high quality and well balanced, with a high protein and low carbohydrate inclusion, so should be suitable for a cat with diabetes, if fed correctly and consistently, alongside insulin if necessary. 



Energy Rich Diets For Pregnant & Lactating Cats

During pregnancy and lactation, your dog/cat has much higher maintenance requirements and needs a high quality, highly digestible, energy dense food to meet these added nutritional requirements.
We feel that our puppy and kitten diets are most suitable, as these are energy dense, very appetising and easy to digest.
It is recommended that this switch takes place approximately 2 weeks before breeding to allow the pregnant dog or cat to be accustomed to the new diet and is continued throughout pregnancy and lactation.

Delicious Diets For Picky Eaters & Poor Appetites

Cats 🐱

The Natural & Hypoallergenic range is very popular for cats and has been proven to be very appetising.

* You can do some of the following for additional encouragement - 

  • Scatter (ideally plain) shredded chicken into the dry food (kibble) and mix it all up.
  • Add a tablespoon of low-sodium chicken broth (bouillon) to the dry food.(ensure the broth doesn't have onions in it because they are toxic) and give it a good stir.


Effective Diets For Joint Health

The following diets contain Glucosamine, Chondroitin & MSM to help keep joints healthy.

They are also formulated to help keep your pet at a healthier weight.

Cats 🐱