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Eco Friendly Pet Food Company

Ethical Production

As an eco friendly pet food company, there's more than just our logo that is green!  

Our manufacturer/supplier is committed to earth friendly manufacturing and minimal environmental impact.


98% Recycle Rate

They are currently reaching a 98% total recycling figure, as their on-site Recycling Plant works meticulously to separate cardboard, plastics, metals, paper and all other recyclable materials, significantly helping them to get to the extremely low figure of 2% of all site waste sent to landfill.


Eco Friendly Pet Food Company - Harrier Pro Pet


Water Recycling

They recycle and re-use all of their water on site via two wastewater treatment works, water is used for wash-downs, irrigating the biobeds for the bacterial life and wet scrubber systems.


Natural Fertiliser

They like to spread high nutrient solids from the wastewater treatment works onto arable farmland, to which it crops.

Come harvest time the crop is then transported from the fields and the crop (currently cropped with oats) is used in the pet food kibble production.


Tree and Shrub Planting

They have recently planted an additional 3,000 trees and shrubs to add to the previous 10,000 trees and shrubs planted, as well as the recent implementation of bat boxes, bird boxes and creation of wetland areas by further improvements to the river bank areas surrounding their site. 

This does not only increase biodiversity, ecology and wildlife around the site but helps to minimise the visual impact of the surrounding landscape on their local community.


Research and Development

They have started a new research and development collaboration with a local University, which is comprised of research projects upon their recycled water treatment plant and odour abatement facilities to increase their performance, as well as their Environmental Department giving site walk’s and guest lectures for the Environmental and Geoscience Department at Edge Hill University, again demonstrating a strong working relationship with their local community.


Self Electricity Generation

Our manufacturer/supplier has a 10 year plan which includes developing a Combined Heat & Power Plant (CHP Plant).

Once built, this CHP Plant will allow them to generate their own electricity using natural gases, which will greatly reduce their carbon footprint.


Extremely High Standards

So when it comes to sustainable eco-friendly pet food manufacturing, our manufacturer/supplier continues to set extremely high standards.

Minimising environmental impact whilst maintaining strong links with their local community and key stakeholders continues to be a key focus.