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Quality Control 🥇⭐

Our pet foods are manufactured in the most advanced pet food manufacturing facility in the world with many years experience with leading Super Premium brands.

Innovative product development coupled with hi tech manufacturing and fully traceable quality control mean Harrier Pro Pet supply unsurpassed standards in pet nutrition.




Prior to arrival at the manufacturing base

Raw materials are only purchased from the best suppliers, each one being approved to supply raw materials following audits, questionnaires and thorough analysis.

Purchase specifications are very stringent and mostly based on human grade standards or above.



On arrival at the manufacturing base

Each raw material delivery is given a unique batch identity number and barcode to ensure full traceabilty. Each batch is sampled, analysed in the laboratory to ensure compliance and archived.

Analysis includes a review of nutrients such as moisture, oil, protein, fibre, ash, starch and minerals.

Routine microbiological and physical assessments are conducted and every batch of cereal is inspected for mycotoxins to human or even baby food standards.

During and after manufacture

Analysis of cook-level, density and moisture is being performed even before the product is dry to ensure that the final product will be up to standard throughout the entire batch.

Innovative direct analysis (NIR) ensures that digestibility and nutrient analysis is available for Quality Control approval within seconds.

Size, shape, colour and density of individual kibbles are also checked to exacting and unsurpassed standards.


Finished products

Quality Control checks any direct or external laboratory requirements.

We use only the highest quality ingredients and add a full complement of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients to provide a delicious and nutritious range of food, popular with our loyal customers, that your pets will thoroughly enjoy.