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Natural & Hypoallergenic Cat Food

  • Sensitive Digestion - May help with Allergies & Intolerances.
  • Diabetic Cats - Perfectly balanced with a high protein and low carbohydrate inclusion making it suitable for a cat with diabetes. Healthier ingredients.
  • Picky Eaters & Poor Appetites - Cooked to perfection. Proven to be very appetising. 
  • Healthy Heart & Vision - Contains the Amino Acid Taurine, which is essential for cats, to help prevent serious heart and eye problems.
  • Stool Odour - With Yucca Schidigera which is thought to help reduce stool odour.
  • Healthy Digestion - With added Chicory extracts which may help to maintain healthy gut bacteria and aid digestion. 
  • Itchiness & Inflammation - With Salmon oil which could reduce or eliminate skin problems for cats which are caused by inflammation, such as contact reactions from allergies.
  • Shiny Coat - The Salmon oil may promote a healthier, shinier coat. This may also mean stronger fur, which could mean less shedding.
  • Pregnant & Lactating Cats - Easy to digest, appetising and energy dense. Suitable to meet the additional nutritional requirements needed.

Additional Information

  • Veterinary Approved - For your peace of mind.
  • Made With Freshly Prepared Meat - For natural goodness and nutrition that all cats love.
  • Improved Dental Health - Specially produced kibbles to give maximum protection against dental problems, the most common health problem amongst cats.
  • Gentle Formula - Specially formulated without Beef, Pork, Wheat, Wheat Gluten, Dairy, Egg and Soya, to be gentler on a cat's digestive tract.
  • Natural - No artificial additives, preservatives, flavours or colours for natural goodness.
  • Healthy Choice - No added sugar, sweeteners or salt.
  • Strict Quality Control - Made to extremely high standards for the best quality cat food.
  • 100% British Product - British Made with ingredients supplied from within the UK only for your peace of mind.