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Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW)

Posted by Peter Lam on

Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) is an annual event to help raise awareness around the 5 Welfare Needs of Rabbits including - 


Rabbits need high levels of fibre in their diet. Without this, their digestive systems will not work correctly. The high fibre balanced diet helps to keep the gut constantly moving as it should be. Rabbits’ teeth are designed to continually grow as they get worn down by the fibrous grasses they feed on in the wild. If rabbits do not get enough abrasive foods their teeth will become overgrown making it painful for them to eat. That’s why it’s so important that owners ensure rabbits’ are diets are made up of roughly 85-90% high-quality feeding hay or grass.

Rabbits should also be fed additional supplements to hay and grass to ensure they are getting all the minerals they need. Whilst also being fed fresh greens, the occasional fruit or vegetable can help them to achieve their nutritional needs. Our Premium Rabbit Pellets rabbit food is a complementary feed for rabbits formulated to support everyday health and wellbeing.


Rabbits need plenty of space to move around and express their natural behaviours. Their enclosure should be as big as possible and include safe spaces for them to hide. Hiding places can be made from tubes and tunnels. Access to a larger outdoor run is essential so they can exercise freely


Enrichment is essential, so instead of feeding rabbits in the same place every day, encourage natural foraging behaviours by hiding their food in different places! Rabbits are very playful so toys and enrichment are very important.


Rabbits are highly social animals and should be kept in at least pairs. Like us, rabbits can become lonely without social interaction, which can have a negative effect on their behaviour, health and well-being. Whilst they enjoy spending time with their owners, they naturally prefer the company of other rabbits and therefore should be kept with at least one. According to the 2019 PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) report, a staggering 49% of rabbits in the UK still live alone with no companionship.


Without plenty of exercise and an appropriate diet rabbits can very quickly become obese. Therefore, it is essential to feed rabbits according to the feeding guides and ensure they are getting plenty of exercise. Selective feeding has been shown to increase the risk of a variety of illnesses. Therefore, it is important that you feed a nutritionally balanced high-fibre pellet in order to avoid this.

Our Premium Rabbit Pellets are full of vitamins and minerals to help maintain health and vitality. This recipe has been formulated with herbs for extra tastiness, whilst also being a single kibble that limits selective feeding.

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