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What Are The Benefits Of Grain Free Pet Food

Posted by Peter Lam on

What Are The Benefits Of Grain Free Pet Food

Grain Free pet food is ideal for dogs and cats with sensitivity or intolerance to grains or gluten and is a great alternative to rice or cereal based recipes. Pet Food formulated without grains may help to alleviate common symptons of grain sensitivity or intolerance.

The Benefits Of Grain Free Pet Food Can Include:

  • Less and smaller stools
  • Reduced Shedding
  • Helps Keep Pets Fuller For Longer
  • Improved Skin & Coat Condition
  • Improved Breath Odour
  • Reduced Wind
  • Reduced Itching & Scratching
  • Reduced Digestive Upsets

The total meat content of our Grain Free recipes are extremely high and from premium quality animal protein sources. Sweet Potato is also used as the carbohydrate source, which has significant nutritional benefits over rice and white potato.

There is a huge variety of recipes and flavours to choose from, in various bag sizes, at prices to suit all budgets.

You can find out more about our class leading Gourmet Grain Free Dog Food and Gourmet Grain Free Cat Food.

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